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To solve real problems for people, Design Thinking methodologies require that you start by creating empathy. However, what is empathy and how does it translate into developing products that people love?  

With over 15 years of new product development experience, Kaleidoscope's Director of Innovation Geoff Zoeckler will share the essential elements for developing empathy in this 45-minute webinar. You'll learn: 

  • What empathy is.
  • Why we do it.
  • Why we don’t.
  • What it requires.
  • The return on investment.
  • How to implement it in your organization for breakthrough results.

Watch this 45-minute session now and download the slides. 

Our innovation and product design firm partners traditionally find great value in and invest substantially for extensions of these sessions into full-day and half day innovation workshops. This session is free as part of our efforts to promote Design Thinking and support our Purpose Driven Innovation philosophy in our month of giving in November.