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Meet and greet your solar system in person (no spacesuit required).
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The 2015 Explore New Worlds VR Experience

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire &  Space Day Cincinnati

This year, Kaleidoscope created a Virtual Reality experience to explore the solar system with visitors to iSpace Space Day in October the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire in August. A team of Kaleidoscope volunteers helped people reach out and interact with their Solar System using the power of Virtual Reality. The Explore New Worlds Experience was created by Tom Meyer and Tyler Cook of Kaleidoscope to allow visitors to travel to the planets and reach out and touch them with their hands. 

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How It Works

This entirely new Virtual Reality experience was custom-built for the 2015 Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. 

Using a 3D printed mount and a Leap Motion controller, the experience has hand tracking to allow visitors to use their hands to navigate space (the Final Frontier, that is).

"One of the first things people do in VR is instinctively reach out to touch the world around them," said Tom Meyer, Kaleidoscope design engineer with a biomedical concentration and a Maker. "Now they can use their hands to travel to the planets they choose."

Participants will stand for the VR experience and a projector will mirror everything they see so friends and family can watch. We'll be using an Oculus Rift Develop Kit2 (DK2) headset with positional tracking.  

Participants can take home a post card of the planets they visit. 

Kaleidoscope Design Engineer Tom Meyer is an avid participant in the Maker Movement. He designed and built this Virtual Reality experience during his weekend and evening hours. For his day job, he uses his concentration in biomedical engineering to make medical devices safer and more efficacious. When not creating whole new worlds, he likes to rock out on his cello.


"Everybody can be a maker – it’s the most basic outlet for creativity and one of the defining characteristics that make us human. There’s an incredible sense of pride that comes from taking an idea, making it real and sharing it with others."

Tom Meyer Kaleidoscope

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NEW! Download Your Own Copy

For those tech enthusiasts excited about the possibility of printing their own Leap Motion mount - we have good news. Anyone can download the Extended Leap Motion Mount for Oculus Rift DK2 and print it on their own 3D printer.

This item, uploaded by Meyer to Thingiverse, has been viewed 950 times and downloaded 54 times since it was posted earlier this month.

Want to try this at home? Well, now you can download the VR Explore New Worlds experience. Tom Meyer and Tyler Cook entered their VR experience into the 2015 Leap Motion Jam competition and you can download it from there. Don't forget to give it a 5-Star rating and leave a comment for Tom and Tyler while there. Your help is appreciated in the contest. 

Download Explore New Worlds here.>

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What in the World is Kaleidoscope?

Residents of planet Earth, with our feet solidly on the ground, Kaleidoscope is an innovation and product design firm with over 80 employees.

By focusing on improving life for people, we create products and experiences that grow businesses. We offer a full suite of new product development services including research and insights, innovation workshops, product design, interaction design, engineering, development, onsite staffing and video and animation production.

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Working with Kaleidoscope was a pleasure. They are professional, enthusiastic and dedicated. Their Maker Faire 2015 experience is a nice way to give back to the CIncinnati community. Kaleidoscope's retail store strategy work has helped to create the future of virtual visualization for our industry.”  

Retail Manager Consumer Goods Client

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