Chart New Waves to Growth While Defending Your Core Business

Market success. You've worked for it for years, persevered, taken risks and dominated. But now what? In reality, the more you succeed, the greater the expectations. 

Growth targets are met in two ways: Making the most of the existing business and innovating to grow new ones. But balancing these two approaches to growth and innovation can create tension. That's where our guide can help. 

The Ships and Castles Model provides:   

  • Tips for safeguarding existing business  and product lines 
  • Ideas for exploring opportunities such as adjacent markets and new technologies
  • Techniques for making people, processes and portfolio investments to balance fortification—and exploration
  • Best practices for evaluating results to conquer even the roughest seas

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As Vice President of R&D at Kaleidoscope, Michael Clem, DVM, MS, thrives at the juncture of medical technology and clinical understanding. From his training as a veterinary surgeon to his 20+ years with Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Ethicon and Cordis, he has developed proven practices for front end innovation management. The Ships and Castles Model has helped numerous companies navigate the fuzzy front-end of innovation to steady growth.